The Blackwood Family Organization

This website has been created to promote communication between Blackwood family members. We aim to connect all branches of the Blackwood family from all corners of the world. 
With this site we hope to:
● Honor our roots and preserve the legacy of Blackwood family members who have paved the way for us.● Acknowledge the many Blackwood descendants. ● Keep the Blackwood family history alive by creating and maintaining memorials and encourage and inspire future descendants to uphold the family history.

Blackwood Family Mission

To bridge the generational gap and link all Blackwood family trees and branches.

Blackwood Family Objective

Preserve the Blackwood legacy through the collection and preservation of historical and genealogical records, documents, and other information. Strengthen the fellowship of living members. Maintain family unity through frequent associations, reunion and other family gathering and events.

Our Ancestors

We are researching our family history and will update the site as we learn more.
Here is what we know so far:
Richard ‘Dick’ Aaron Blackwood and two brothers, who we believe to be Percival and Daniel Wilford, arrived in Jamaica sometime in the 1800s. They settled in St. Elizabeth. Dick had several children before he got married in November 1889 to Mary Reid. We are unsure at this point the order the children were born in but at last count there were 24. Dick died April 14, 1917 at age 57; based on the death record we estimate his year of birth to be 1860 but have no confirmed proof of this or his place of birth at present. Not much is known about the brothers.