Family Letter

Hello Family,
We are in the process of establishing a family foundation to stay connected with each other and honor our heritage. As we are aware, the Blackwood descendants are scattered throughout the world and we do not want to lose contact or connection with each other; we hope to build a strong foundation for our family and that is the purpose of this organization.
We have spent the past number of months researching our family history and building a family organization consisting of all Blackwood descendant. We are compiling a family roster that will include all blood descendants, spouses, adopted children, stepchildren of a Blackwood descendant or children raised by a Blackwood. It is important to note that there are no distant relatives in the Blackwood organization…only family!
Through this foundation we hope to renew interest in the research and preservation of our family history. We will work to locate all family members both alive and deceased, so no family member is lost or forgotten.
We hope you will take the time to help build our family foundation. It is our intent to build a foundation that will be passed down from generation to generation with each passing generation making it stronger.
As we build our family foundation and learn about our ancestors, we will better appreciate their trials and accomplishments. Our information will be more accurate and our bonds stronger.
Please click the button below to fill out the registration form to help us build the family roster and tree; we encourage everyone to register your family and pass it on to other family members…the more members who are aware and participate will ensure that we are all counted.

The annual dues are US $50 / JMD $7000 for all family members 16 years and up. The fee collection starts September 1st each year. The annual dues will help to pay for website hosting and maintenance, reunion, subscriptions and other operation costs.

We look forward to connecting with all of you.
Warm regards,

Dahlia Daley Melcardo Blackwood Dwight Tingling
President Vice-President Treasurer